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Ancient Herbal Wisdom For Natural Horse Care is a short guide to introduce horse owners and groomers to the benefits of using natural plants to care for horses.

I believe that wild, non-domestic horses practice a natural intuitive form of herbal “medicine,” roaming far and wide until they locate the plants they need. Horses have an incredible instinct to balance their regulatory processes and keep themselves healthy, and unfortunately, when we domesticate horses, we limit their ability to roam and perform this vital task.

This guide shares some of the ways I personally try to ensure my own horses have a supply of herbs in their diet as well as my recommendations of the top-10 herbs to make available to your horses, and the benefits of each one.

My goal is to help horses and their owners avoid some of the common issues domesticated horses face such as skin irritations and poor digestive heath without having to turn to chemical or pharmacological solutions.

I’m making this guide available and free to everyone. Check out the sample pages below and then sign up here to get it.

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