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Warning: 10 Subtle Signs of Laminitis in Your Horse

Young female carer in casualwear cleaning hoof of white purebred racehorse with special brush inside stable

Laminitis is a painful disease that affects the hoofs of the horse. In medical terms, it is inflammation of the laminae (the soft tissues that attach the pedal or coffin bone to the hoof wall), which causes instability in the coffin bone and extreme pain.

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Here’s How You Can Get Your Kids Familiar with Horses

mother and daughter pet horse

It’s no secret that parenting is challenging, rewarding, and everything in between. When kids start growing up and developing their unique personalities, many parents struggle finding a way to spend more time and connect with them.

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Do Horseshoes Hurt My Horse And Other Questions About Horseshoes You’ve Always Wanted To Ask

ferrier works on hoof

Shoeing or shodding horses is a pretty common practice among horse owners. Horses have been wearing shoes for thousands of years. Some historians believe that we’ve been shoeing horses since the ancient Roman times.

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Exploring Equine Intelligence: They Really Are As Smart As We Think!

three horse heads are better than one

Anyone who’s ever owned a horse will tell you they are the smartest animals in the world. However, skeptics will argue that prey animals like horses do not share the same level of intelligence as predatory animals like dogs, dolphins, and corvids.

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The Stoics Pt 3: Dressage Riding and Your Ego

dressage athlete with his horse

There is no question that dressage horse riding is a challenge. And you certainly can’t spell Dressage without ego. Oh, yes you can. As a matter of fact, ego has no place in Dressage, literally. Ryan Holiday, a modern writer on Stoicism, observes in his book, Ego Is the Enemy….

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Equine Aromatherapy: For Dressage Horses and Equine Athletes

beautiful girl with white horse

Equine aromatherapy is becoming accepted as a viable complimentary means of care, along with massage, chiropractic, acupressure, homeopathy, magnetic therapy, and therapeutic touch for horses.

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Cleaning Horse Hooves: Effective Horse Hoof Conditioning Tips

horse hoof

Hooves are a critical part of any horse and when something is not right, a negative ripple effect can occur. Some horses have become lame and others have even died from hoof issues. Conditioning and cleaning horse hooves involves taking proper care of this vital part.

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The Stoics Pt 1

learning dressage riding

“Not to assume it’s impossible because you find it hard. But to recognize if it’s humanly possible, you can do it too.”

Marcus Aurelius’ – Meditations

I’ve spent my “down” time (non-horse show season) when the days are shorter, and the Midwest slowly becomes uninhabitable, studying the Stoic philosophers. The three major ancient Stoics are: Marcus Aurelius, Epictetus and Seneca.

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Hold Your (Healthy) Horses: Natural Care Benefits People and Horses

healthy horses

Caring for horses requires more than love and care. Any individual in the equine industry understands that your horse requires a routine and program to ensure maximum health and performance, whether for recreational riding or professional performance.

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Fear the Little Bay Horse: The Conclusion

the girls ride on horses

Always Learning New Things: 7 Important Life Lessons

I’ve discovered deep in my heart, that I am not a very good blogger. My entire life I’ve wanted to keep a diary or memoirs, an insightful journal filled with wit. The problem is that I am rather boring and lack the Sedaris kind of wit, so even though I wanted to keep a detailed file of my experiences at Sport Horse Nationals, I found myself walking the dogs, working the horses, enjoying the experience. Every day I stepped out of our barn, looked at the grounds and thought, “Another beautiful day in Crete.” And it was. And I was happy to be there. And I was grateful. So, I guess I had a successful show.

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Ambition is a Hard Master

ambition is a hard master header

I can’t help it. I have always been competitive. My entire family and extended family are big board game players. Some of my earliest memories are of playing board games with my brothers. Since my brothers are all older and, in their minds, smarter than I am, they usually won (by cheating or by skill, though most often by cheating). An insane desire to win grew in my little heart.

As I grew, it grew.

Naturally, as a masochistic over achiever, I was drawn to Dressage.

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What Price a Dream?

If you have horses and show them, in whatever discipline, you know how much money you spend following your dreams. If you’re smart, you don’t add up exactly how much you spend each year. The truth is just too painful. If you don’t own a horse and show it, try guessing how much showing a horse costs.

You guessed way too low. Trust me.

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Easy Steps For Natural Horse Hoof Care

easy steps for natural horse hoof care header

As the weather turns to wet and wintry it becomes increasingly important to pay attention to your horse’s hooves. Hooves are extremely sensitive and very vulnerable to injury, illness, and infection. Taking good care of the hooves helps to protect your horse from health issues while letting them lead a happy and active life. Here are some easy steps you can take every day to ensure their hoof health is supported.

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Fear the Little Bay Mare – The Clinicians

fear the little bay mare clinicians header

Not long ago I told the story of my mare Petie, who has been my almost constant companion throughout my journey as a dressage competitor and trainer. In the first part, I wrote about Petie’s graceful and gentle nature which made her nervous and easily spooked.

In this post I’ll tell you about three important clinicians who were able to see the cause of her troubles (Spoiler alert! It wasn’t anything wrong with Petie), and more importantly saw more potential in her than, at the time, I ever could.

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Choosing the Right Trainer

choosing the right trainer header

Through the years, I’ve had potential clients come into my barn and they have war stories. How the last barn manager/trainer/instructor did them wrong. Usually I consider this a warning sign. First, the person may have a chip on their shoulder. Second, she may honestly have a difficult horse that each new trainer or barn was expected to magically fix. Third, she may be the owner-expert who has never been in the trenches, trying to do their best dealing with clients, long difficult days, and the unpredictability of horses. Horses get sick or injured and sometimes, God forbid, even die, no matter how well they were managed. Most of the horse professionals I know really try to do a good job.

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The Purpose

the purpose header

You know the feeling. You’ve knocked out what you believe is a good, solid test. You head to pick up your score sheet. When you get it, you melt into a puddle of unhappiness, try to interpret the comments and scores, and scratch your head (or pound it into a wall) because you just don’t understand what happened. Many exhibitors do not know how to interpret a test sheet and use it as constructive criticism. Many are not aware of the all important Purpose of the Level.

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What Should I Do If My Horse Is Hurt?

what_should_I do_if_my_horse_is_hurt_header

No matter how careful we are, we all get injured sometimes. That includes our horses. Nothing is scarier than when your horse gets injured though. You want to do everything you can to make them feel safe and comfortable. Fortunately, with a little extra knowledge and the right tools, you can help. Here are the steps to take when your horse sustains any kind of injury from a mild scrape to a bone break.

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How “That Horse” Can Change Your Life

that horse header

Looking back on my life with horses, I have a soft spot in my heart for “That horse”. I was 16 years old and he was the horse that gave me confidence, not just in the show ring, but also in my own abilities. He was not my horse, but a horse someone let me lease. My well-meaning father had bought a horse that we could afford but didn’t have quite enough training for my inexperience. The leased horse let me feel what was right. He responded and acted as a partner. I never doubted him to carry me around the show ring while I got experience. I owe that horse everything. I was able to take those skills on to my horse, and then, develop more skills. Each horse was a professor in my continuing education, even today. But it all started with “That Horse”.

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Breaking Down The Life Of A Horse

life of a horse header

When you get a horse, you will form a lifelong bond with them. From birth to their golden years, you will share many beautiful experiences. In order to help them have the best life possible, it’s important to provide care that is appropriate for their needs at every age. Here is everything you need to know about the life stages of a horse and how to provide care that will support a healthy, happy life no matter if they are a foal, yearling, or senior.

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In Defense of Farriers

in defense of farriers header

About 20 years ago, I couldn’t find a good farrier. My trusted farrier’s back had finally given out and he was done. Farriers don’t grow on trees, and GOOD farriers are a rare bird. During a visit to ISU vet school, I asked their residential farrier if he knew someone that I might call to do my regular work. He said, “Well, I have a guy that you can call. He’s very good. He’s a Certified Journeyman Farrier, but he’s kind of prickly. He doesn’t get along with everyone. You might not like his personality.” I looked him square in the eye and said, “Listen. I don’t need a great guy. I need a great farrier.” He gave me the man’s number and he has been my farrier for almost 20 years.

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Four Natural Herbs To Improve Your Horse’s Health

four natural herbs to improve your horses health header

Too often today, horse owners use mass-produced synthetic products to care for their animals. The use of these products has created numerous health hazards for horses. Horses are now more prone to conditions indicative of poisoning. As a horse owner, you should, whenever possible, want to use products that are 100% natural and safe for horse consumption.

Horses have adapted over the many centuries to self medicate using the herbs and plants they could forage in their natural environment. As owners we can make use of this instinct to help our horses by supplementing beneficial plants into their feed, or even better, by encouraging these plants to grow wild in your pasture. Below, you’ll find four natural herbs that I recommend.

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Achieving clarity – the importance of sending the right messages to your horse – part 2

achieving clarity sending the right messages to your horse part 2 header

In Part One we looked at horse and rider misunderstandings, lapses in communication and ultimately a break down in the relationship due to lack of clarity on the rider’s part.

So, let’s explore strategies to help you and your horse form a strong partnership. Continue reading Achieving clarity – the importance of sending the right messages to your horse – part 2

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Achieving clarity – the importance of sending the right messages to your horse – part 1

achieving clarity sending the right messages to your horse part 1 header

Horses are team players. They can’t help it – evolution demands it. Before we domesticated the horse, millions of years of evolution had shaped them into a herd animal that must play well in the group in order to live long enough to pass on its genes. A horse’s ranking in the herd hierarchy does not necessarily matter, but acceptance by the group is paramount. A lone horse is a dead horse.

As an owner or rider it is important to understand a horse’s innate imperative to “go along with the herd” and make sure that we are send clear and consistent messages during training.

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The Best Horse Habitat

best horse habitat header

Domesticated horses live very differently than horses in the wild. In order to give your horse their best life, you need to do what you can to create a comfortable habitat that meets all of these natural needs. Although many of us do not have the land or the resources to perfectly recreate a natural environment, there are still many things we can do to create a healthy habitat where your horse will be safe, happy, and live a comfortable life. As someone who believes in the power of nature, I believe the best place to start is to look at how wild horses live. Continue reading The Best Horse Habitat

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Focus on the Basics

horse care basics header

I am giving a lesson. We are working on the flying changes of lead. We are building toward the changes that the horse already knows, but as we progress in the lesson, the horse not only acts like he has no idea what his rider wants, but he is starting to act irritated. I hop on to evaluate what the problem may be. Is the horse being naughty; is his back sore? What is going on? I start the canter work, balance the horse and perform the changes without much problem. We trade places and the student asks: Continue reading Focus on the Basics

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I Was Wrong About The Dressage Rider Pyramid

the dressage rider pyramid header

I became aware of the existence of the Dressage Rider Pyramid during the L program, and I must admit that after I gave it a cursory glance, I thought, “this is stupid.”

However, while doing some research for another article, I once again stumbled across the Rider Pyramid, and upon reevaluation, I realize that I was wrong. Terribly wrong. This pyramid for riders makes sense. Because the focus is on the essential basics, it maps out the path to a successful relationship with your horse, giving you a roadmap to becoming a better rider.

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The Horse Show Bug

the horse show bug header

Why go to a horse show? Why don’t you just light $2,500 on fire and then have someone push you in dirt?

Yep. That pretty much sums it up. But showing your horse is also gives purpose to the many hours and days you spend training and grooming, which can motivate you to do your best even on those days when you just don’t feel like doing it. Shows are also a great opportunity to meet other owners, to socialize and to share knowledge.

Below are some of my experiences with horse sows, the good and the bad, and the reasons why I continue to attend them.

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Ways To Protect The Skin Of Your Horse

horse skin health header

It’s really important to think about the health of your horse’s skin. Weather changes can wreak havoc on your horse’s delicate skin. So can being out in the pasture all day, where it is exposed to the elements. Luckily there are some simple things you can do to ensure your horse’s skin is protected. Continue reading Ways To Protect The Skin Of Your Horse

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Boosting Your Horse’s Health

As a horse owner, the most important thing to me is my horses’ overall health. I want them to live a long, happy, and fulfilling life. Over the years, I’ve become more and more focused on ways to support a healthy lifestyle for my horses. From making simple adjustments to their daily diet, to developing a line of natural horse care products, I have spent hours researching and speaking with other horse owners. Along the way, I have learned a lot and I wanted to take some time to share what I’ve learned with you. Here are my key tips for helping you boost your horse’s overall health and wellbeing. Continue reading Boosting Your Horse’s Health

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Horse Hooves: A Beginner’s Guide

horse hooves beginner guide header

If you’re considering getting a horse or are a first time horse owner, one of the more important aspects of their care is hoof maintenance. A horse’s hooves provide the foundation of a healthy life. Without healthy hooves, horses cannot walk, run, or carry. Horses can also get specific illnesses that enter through weak or damaged hooves. Thus, the best way to keep your horse healthy and happy is through routine hoof maintenance. In order to help first time horse owners, we’ve put together this guide that includes details about what hooves are, what kind of damage they can incur, and how to care for them. Let’s get started!

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More Thoughts on Effective Horse Grooming

more thoughts on horse grooming header

Horse lovers across the globe are well aware of the joys of getting to own their own horse. Without a doubt, horses are lovely creatures. They are faithful, they are agile, and they are beautiful. If you happen to be a landowner or live somewhere in the country, you’ll be aware of the pleasures of riding your equine friend during lazy summer evenings.

But, as with any pet, there is a lot consider before making the commitment to buying a horse, and you need to make sure you can provide the space, money and, above all else, time the horses in your care deserve. Continue reading More Thoughts on Effective Horse Grooming

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Are Essential Oils Effective For Horse Care?

horse grooming essential oils header

With the hustle and bustle of modern life, there are few things that get us outdoors or communing with our environment like having a horse. The longer I’m a horse owner, the more I understand how important this connection is for our health and well-being. As a result, I’ve been on a journey to live in a more natural way. This journey is what led me to the power of essential oils and their application in all areas of my life, including my horse’s care. Continue reading Are Essential Oils Effective For Horse Care?

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What To Do With A Wounded Horse

Horses have a highly refined sense of “fight or flight.” Unfortunately, when that instinct is triggered they will react no matter the cost, even if it means injuring themselves. Horses also spend a lot of time outdoors, running, and playing through the fields where they are exposed to all kinds of injury risks like sharp twigs, rocks, and even other animals. Even though they are incredibly graceful, any horse owner will tell you they can be very clumsy sometimes. That clumsiness can cause injury. In short, horses are very accident prone. So it is important that as a horse owner you understand what to do if they get injured. Here are my tips. Continue reading What To Do With A Wounded Horse

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Adopt Effective Habits of Expert Horse Groomers For Best Results

expert grooming header

Do you ever wonder how expert horse groomers achieve great results? Well, having witnessed and worked with a few amazing horse groomers, I can tell you that great groomers are not born but they are made through consistency, technique, and by using the right products. If you want to achieve similar results, even as a novice groomer, I recommend these top habits. By replicating their ways, you too can achieve expert quality horse grooming. Continue reading Adopt Effective Habits of Expert Horse Groomers For Best Results

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Professional Grooming Tips and Tricks for a Beautiful and Healthy Horse

care and grooming professional tips and tricks header

We all have a routine we use when we groom our horse, but many of us are left wondering why our horse’s coat, mane, and tail don’t ever look as wonderful and healthy as we would like them to. We spend lots of time putting work in, but are never fully satisfied with the results. Many times, we find ourselves asking: what’s missing? Continue reading Professional Grooming Tips and Tricks for a Beautiful and Healthy Horse

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Equi-Spa Works with Organization to Rescue Retired Race Horse; Announces Giveaway and Big Spring Sale to Kick Off 2019

missy press release

Winterset, Iowa, March 31, 2019 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) Equi-Spa®, the leading maker of premium, all-natural horse care and equine grooming products based in Winterset, Iowa, announced today that it recently adopted a retired thoroughbred race horse in cooperation with the Neigh Savers Foundation. The plan is to provide this fabulous creature a “forever home” where she can live comfortably and with dignity for the rest of her life. Continue reading Equi-Spa Works with Organization to Rescue Retired Race Horse; Announces Giveaway and Big Spring Sale to Kick Off 2019

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Spring Blowout Sale: Buy 2 get 1 free

This sale is now over – sign up below to be notified about future sales!

After an especially harsh winter, spring is finally here. To celebrate we are holding a blowout sale with buy two get a third free, off our Fairy Tails, Not-So-Sweet Itch and other select products.

Simply add three of the same item to your cart and the discount will be applied automatically. Continue reading Spring Blowout Sale: Buy 2 get 1 free

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How To: Take Care of Your Horse’s Hooves

How To Take Care of Horses Hooves header

Cleaning out your horse’s hooves is important for several reasons. It is an essential part of a good horse care routine. It’s a step that needs to be done frequently and when done properly will keep your horse healthy and happy and free to trot along without any pain or risk of thrush! Continue reading How To: Take Care of Your Horse’s Hooves

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Horse Grooming Challenges: Tail Rubbing

horse grooming challenges tail rubbing header

Grooming is one of the most wonderful experiences you can share with your horse. It’s a time to show care and bond, and revel in their shiny coats. Sometimes though, even the most bonded horse and owner can run into grooming problems. This series addresses common horse grooming challenges, and today we are covering tips to help with tail rubbing. Continue reading Horse Grooming Challenges: Tail Rubbing

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Horse Grooming Challenges: Tangled Tails

horse grooming challenges tangled tails header

Grooming is one of my favorite things about being a horse owner. It’s a wonderful time to connect, bond, and show your care. However, sometimes grooming time isn’t all sunshine and roses. Even a master horse groomer can run into challenges and this series aims to address some of these challenges. Today I’d like to address another common issue: tangled tails. Continue reading Horse Grooming Challenges: Tangled Tails

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Horse Grooming Challenges: Bath-Time Battles

horse grooming challenges bath-time battles header

Welcome to my series on horse grooming challenges. In each post, I cover one of the most common challenges I hear from my customers. In this post, I’m going to cover bath-time battles because sometimes ornery horses just don’t want to get a bath. Even professional groomers struggle with bath-time battles sometimes, so don’t worry. It’s definitely something that can be overcome with patience. Continue reading Horse Grooming Challenges: Bath-Time Battles

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Keeping Your Horse’s Coat White

keeping your horses coat white header

We’ve all dreamed of having a white horse at some point in our lives. They are absolutely majestic and create a sense of fantasy when you see them galloping through the fields. Though undeniably beautiful, it is not a dream to care for a white coat. White coats are prone to staining, yellowing, and looking dull and dirty. However, there are a few grooming tricks you can do to keep your horse’s coat shiny, bright, and white. Continue reading Keeping Your Horse’s Coat White

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Natural Hoof Soaks

natural hoof soaks header

There is nothing more fun than going for a mani-pedi with your friends. For your horse, a mani-pedi can actually be beneficial to their health, especially in the fall and springtime when the combination of wet weather and changing temperatures can see dangerous microbes thrive. At these times, horses may be at risk of picking up a nasty fungus or bacterial infection on their hooves which can cause deterioration of the hoof and pain when standing or walking. To help prevent these issues we recommend a microbe-busting natural hoof soak. Continue reading Natural Hoof Soaks

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Horse Massage with Essential Oils

horse massage with essential oils header

Massage isn’t just a great way to relieve equine joint and muscle pain, it can also be a wonderful bonding experience for you and your horse. Learning a few effective massage techniques can help relieve tension and pain, reduce anxiety before a show, and just generally help your horse unwind. Adding the soothing power of essential oils can make the massage experience even better.

Here are four techniques to help introduce your horse to the benefits of massage: Continue reading Horse Massage with Essential Oils

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How To Relieve Rain Rot Naturally

how to relieve rain rot naturally header

Rain Rot is a type of bacterial infection that can be triggered by prolonged exposure to moisture and rising temperature. Rain Rot can become an issue for horses during wet months of the year, and while most owners will turn to the various chemical potions on the market to help treat it, I prefer a natural approach using essential oils. Continue reading How To Relieve Rain Rot Naturally

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Horse Show Anxiety

horse show anxiety header

Do you tend to show horses that perform at events such as hunter/jumper shows, dressage events, breed shows or westerns? Have you experienced the problem of extreme anxiety in the horse? Believe it or not, aromatherapy may be the answer. Continue reading Horse Show Anxiety

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Win $100 to spend on Amazon

Update: The giveaway is now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations to the winner P. Ye

Over the past few months we have been busily updating the labels across the whole Equi-Spa line, and I am very happy with the results.

For some products you might not notice many changes, but Kiss A Frog Foot Wash and Jojoba Hoof Moisturizing Mist in particular have all-new labels that now fit right in with the rest of the Equi-Spa lineup. Continue reading Win $100 to spend on Amazon

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More Than A Product


I don’t see Equi-Spa as simply a range of grooming and wellness products for horses. I see them as part of a larger lifestyle, one predicated on living in balance with nature. Where horses, humans, and the environment all coexist in harmony. That is why I want Equi-Spa to be more than just a product line; I aim to offer advice and guidance on holistic and natural approaches to horse care. Beyond just aromatherapy, I believe in other methods of caring for these beautiful animals. Continue reading More Than A Product

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Preparing For Long-Distance Travel


Horses are herd animals that are used to open plains. When confined in small spaces without adequate companionship or exercise, it can be an immensely stressful experience for them. Travel can be extremely disruptive to their natural needs, but with a few tips, you can help prepare them for their journey so it is not traumatizing. Continue reading Preparing For Long-Distance Travel

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Introducing Aromatherapy To Your Foal


This springtime did you have the pleasure of watching your beloved mare become a mother and meeting their new baby for the first time? Caring for a foal can be a wonderful experience, and now that the first few months are through, the time has come to start training, which means it’s the perfect time to introduce the young horse to essential oils.. Continue reading Introducing Aromatherapy To Your Foal

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HOW TO: Keep Cool and Comfortable All Summer


There are a lot of irritants in the summer. The blazing sun and allergens can be tough on your horse’s skin. Also, in the summer months there are irritating pests everywhere. With the summer months fast approaching, now is the time to put together a strategy to keep your horse cool and comfortable. Equi-Spa offers a couple products that can help battle against these summer irritants. Continue reading HOW TO: Keep Cool and Comfortable All Summer

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Must-Have Products For Every Stable

must have products for every stable header

Each horse is truly one-of-a-kind and will have unique grooming and wellness needs. When people are first starting out with Equi-Spa products, they often ask me what they should buy. I usually have a wonderful conversation about their needs and what their horses are like. Once I get to know them a little better, I’ll make recommendations from there.

I’m always happy to help you find the perfect product for your horse, but I thought I’d make a list of products that I recommend keeping in every stable to help you start your journey. Continue reading Must-Have Products For Every Stable

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HOW TO: Intimate Cleaning

how to intimate cleaning header

Equi-Spa recommends cleaning your horses sheath twice a year, Spring and Fall. Spring cleaning is necessary because during the cold winter male horses do not like to drop all the way, so natural cleansing is limited. As responsible horse owners we like to start the winter with clean sheaths for the same reason, so a Fall cleaning is recommended. Continue reading HOW TO: Intimate Cleaning

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Supporting Animal Rescues

EquiSpa About

You have all seen the pictures, and read the stories detailing the abuse, neglect and abandonment of innocent animals.  When ads for the Humane Society come on TV, I cannot watch.  Same with any other of the numerous shelter ads that come in the mail, email, TV or sites like Facebook.  It tears at my heart and makes me reach for my wallet or check my paypal account to see how much I can spare that month. Continue reading Supporting Animal Rescues

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Equi-Spa Wins Battle For Trademark

Recently, a competitor branded their products as “Equi-Spa” and began selling them online and on television. Their products used our branding, but offered an inferior product. As you can imagine, this was very frustrating for us. We have worked tirelessly to build a premium brand from a grassroots level. We have used considerable resources to manufacture and source the highest grade products., and we also work directly with our customers to get feedback. Most importantly we are committed to only using natural and safe ingredients in our products, so that when you buy Equi-Spa, you know you are doing the best you can to ensure the health and happiness of your horses.

Continue reading Equi-Spa Wins Battle For Trademark

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Stretch for Success!


Updated  5/7/2018

Preparing your horse for dressage takes a lot of dedication. Dressage is both a physically and mentally demanding sport, and one of the best things you can to do prepare is to incorporate stretching as part of your grooming routine. Also regular, gentle stretching can help maintain the health and mobility of any horse throughout its life, so keep reading even if your horse is not a competitor. Continue reading Stretch for Success!

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Equi-Facts – My Top 8 Facts About Horses


Updated 5/6/2018

I love trivia and find that my mind can retain lots of information (of varying degrees of usefulness). I like to joke that I have a trivial mind. Recently I found Amazing Horse Facts and Trivia by Gary Mullen. I learned a ton of fun things about horses and wanted to take a moment to share some of my favorite facts from the book, as well as a few interesting trivia tidbits I’ve picked up over the years. Continue reading Equi-Facts – My Top 8 Facts About Horses

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Are Essential Oils Snake Oil?


Humans have been using plants for healing for thousands of years, and aromatherapy is not just “perfume” or smells, there is a scientific basis for how and why it works for people and animals.   Essential oils are basically purified or concentrated plant extracts, which is why, when applied correctly, they can have therapeutic benefits for a range of physical and mental issues. Continue reading Are Essential Oils Snake Oil?

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Is All Natural really safe?


There are a lot of products on the market making claims about their contents. One of the ones I see most frequently is all natural. The term really doesn’t mean anything from a manufacturing standpoint. Most ingredients are considered “natural” but that doesn’t mean they are healthy. Poison ivy is natural, so is arsenic. So a label claim of all natural isn’t enough to determine if a product is really the safest option for your horse. Continue reading Is All Natural really safe?