Grapefruit Coat Refresh

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***ATTENTION: Due to covid period supply constraints, this product will come in 2x 16oz. spray bottles instead of the regular 32oz. bottle. We hope this changes in the near future, but for now please be aware of this when shopping. If you do not wish to receive 2x 16oz. spray bottles please refrain from purchasing this product. Thanks for your support, Equispa! 🙂

No-rinse coat cleanser and spot remover, formulated for stubborn stains or those times when bathing is not convenient.

Effortlessly removes fresh green spots on the coat, and manure stains on the tail.

Dissolves dirt, sweat and grime imparting a natural shine without removing natural oils.

Soothing blend of citrus and witch-hazel helps invigorate the senses and refresh stressed muscles


No-rinse coat cleanser and spot remover, formulated for stubborn stains or those times when bathing is not convenient. Citrus oils and witch-hazel make this a wonderful natural cleanser and stain remover.

A fabulous tonic, very soothing to skin while the citrus extracts help invigorate the senses. Witch-hazel has strong anti-inflammatory qualities and is good to use after a ride to refresh stressed muscles.

Shake well and spray directly onto stubborn stains before brushing.

Apply it regularly to your towel or brush during grooming to prevent the build-up of sweat and grime leaving a natural shine without removing natural oils.

Also works on clothing, horse blankets, and other equipment!

32oz spray bottle.

Made in the heartland of the USA!

Grapefruit  Coat refresh

This plant based cleanser is multi-tasking.  Aloe and citrus oils blended with witch hazel delivers excellent coat refresh qualities.  Witch hazel has been a natural cleanser for over a hundred years and is sourced in the USA.  Customers have discovered other qualities of this favorite product.

  • Pleasant aromatic. Mild body brace for your horse after a ride
  • Sprayed on blankets before putting on your horse keeps them cleaner
  • Sprayed inside a sweaty helmet deodorizes and freshens
  • Spray on show clothes to remove fresh green “horse kisses” .
  • Spray in the air around a stall bound horse to help with depression and anxiety
  • Refreshing body spray after a shower for horse and rider
  • Spray on fleece horse boots to remove sweat and grime scrub with a towel , let dry and brush
  • Spray on brushes to keep them cleaner.

Best Practices:

To Clean a muddy horse in weather that is too cold to bathe:

  • Bring the horse in and allow the mud to dry
  • Carefully scrape off dried mud, as much as possible
  • Brush away dried mud still sitting on the coat
  • Spray generously with Grapefruit Coat refresh and brush deep into the coat in order to also cleanse the skin underneath
  • Allow to set a few minutes while using a towel sprayed with Grapefruit Coat refresh on stubborn areas
  • You may notice dirt sitting on top of the now dried coat. This is good.  Brush it away  and buff with a towel till clean and completely dry!

Directions for quick clean ups between classes or events at a horse show:

  • remove tack
  • brush all visible dust and sand off the horse
  • spray on Grapefruit Coat refresh
  • Brush and Buff to remove remaining dust and encourage a shiny clean fresh looking coat
  • Get ready for your next class

More Words from our Customers

Your Grapefruit Body Refresh really saved the day yesterday. I was showing one horse and then riding another in our drill team performance. The drill team horse (a very black Moresian) came in from the paddock totally coated in dirt! I had about 15 minutes to change clothes, tack and have a clean horse ready to perform! After getting the worst off him – at least it was dry – he still looked gray. Luckily I had the bottle with me so I used it all over MacGregor and toweled him off. He was his beautiful shiny black self when I hit the arena for the performance! Great stuff!!
– Lyn, Michigan

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Weight 32 oz


6 reviews for Grapefruit Coat Refresh

  1. Emily R. (verified owner)

    Amazing smell. Love what it does to my horses’ coat.

  2. Linda Pearson (verified owner)

  3. Lara S. (verified owner)

    Smells great and works well!

  4. Wendy Holloway (verified owner)

  5. Nancy S. (verified owner)

    Grapefruit Refresh is one of my all time favorite products! I make sure that I always have plenty on hand in the summer, but I use it all year. My horse clearly loves it when I spray her and use a cool wash rag to wipe her down. It leaves her clean and shining, smelling AWESOME, and cools her off. Sometimes I spray it on the wash rag and wipe her belly and the insides of her legs. I did have a horse who was extra sensitive that did not like that, although she loved it everywhere else. Just know your horse! I also use it many times when I’m finished working on her to get dirt and oil off of my hands. I highly recommend this product!! Customer service is fantastic! I’ve been ordering from this company for years, and have never had anything but excellent service!

  6. Nancy S. (verified owner)

    I would never be without this product. It is my “go to” product for a clean, fresh smelling horse that leaves no residue.

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