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***ATTENTION: Due to covid period supply constraints, this product will come in 2x 16oz. spray bottles instead of the regular 32oz. bottle. We hope this changes in the near future, but for now please be aware of this when shopping. If you do not wish to receive 2x 16oz. spray bottles please refrain from purchasing this product. Thanks for your support, Equispa! 🙂

A fabulous leave-in conditioner that helps maintain a “Show Glow” coat and fluffy tangle-free mane and tail.

Silicone-free: Will not clog pores or make mane and tail brittle.

Will not make saddle area slippery.


A fabulous easy-to-use leave-in conditioner that does not contain silicone, which can clog pores and make mane and tail brittle. Will not make saddle area slippery.

Will keep a clean horse shiny for days. Not slippery on saddle area
– Horse Journal

Use frequently for a “Show Glow” and fluffy tangle-free mane and tail. Does not attract dust.

Spray all over for a natural shine and moisturizing treatment. Spray into tail and mane, let set for a minute or two and brush with a large flat paddle type brush. Shake well before use.

Contains witch-hazel for natural anti-microbial properties and coconut oil to naturally moisturize hair and skin. Blend of botanical essential oils to sooth and calm the horse, and help promote healthy skin and hair growth.

Hint: Spray into tail before trail riding to help burrs slide out easier. Really good for “wind braids”.

32oz spray bottle.

Made in the heartland of the USA!

ShowCoat Leave-in Conditioner

ShowCoat is an amazing leave-in that imparts a natural sheen to your horses coat without making the saddle area slippery. Aloe Vera, Witch hazel, and Coconut oil are blended with a citrus/floral essential oil blend that is pleasant for the horse and rider.

  • Spray generously on a clean horse and brush well to get the conditioning ingredients to the skin level to help create a natural shine.
  • Coconut oil is easily absorbed and will condition and nurture the follicles of the coat mane and tail
  • Aloe is soothing to the skin
  • Witch hazel is a natural cleaner and toner as well as strong anti-inflammatory qualities
  • Citrus oils refresh the skin and coat, as well as provide calming aromatherapy for horse and rider
  • Spray on a wipe to help clean and condition saddle and bridle after a ride
  • Some riders even spray it in their own hair to make it shiny and soft
  • Spray on a soft brush and apply for a quick shine refresh between classes at the horse show.
  • Teamed up with Grapefruit Coat refresh and Fairy Tails Mane and Tail products will create a fabulous “turn out” for your horse at the shows!

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Weight 32 oz

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  1. Cindy (verified owner)

    I would like to tell you how amazing this product is. This is the third year I have purchased this product. My horse has always been super sensitive to any product I buy. Just when I think I found something that works her skin starts chafing or worse and I have to stop using it. Everything from skin so soft to tree tea oil, etc. this product definitely moisturizers her and promotes hair to grow fast. I had to leave my mare in the care of neighbors for five days and when I got back I noticed she had a rub down to the hide below her jowl. With your product applied everyday it has been only three weeks and all of the hair has completely regrown. And her chest had spotty hair missing from her itching and that has all grown back. Do not hesitate giving this a try. It works great!

    • Sherie Vermeer (store manager)

      Thank You Cindy!!! This is awesome to hear how it helped your mare! 🙂

  2. Cindy Buswell (verified owner)

  3. Stana (verified owner)

    Spray in after riding. Leaves coat clean for next ride.

  4. Denise (verified owner)


  5. Sherilyn Tarver (verified owner)

  6. Kelli Rose Brown (verified owner)

    Love this product!!

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    My favorite grooming spray. Period!

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