Lavender Cleansing Spray (Copy)


A blend of witch-hazel and pure lavender essential oil that can be used to:


  • soothe irritated skin
  • to remove dirt and debris from minor abrasions


A blend of witch-hazel and pure lavender essential oil that can be used in place of cleansing wipes to  gently clean drainage from wounds , give relief and soothe irritated skin, and cleanse dirt and debris from minor abrasions

Known as a natural cleanser and astringent, witch-hazel is a centuries-old remedy and is still widely used in the cosmetics industry. It is also very soothing to your horses skin.

Pure lavender essential oil, honey extracts, and soy proteins along with 17 amino acids help sooth skin, prevent infection, and aid the natural healing process.

Why pay 20 bucks for a canister 20 of cleansing wipes, when you can spray Equi-Spa Gentle Anti-Septic on a cloth or paper towel for the same if not better results!

Can also be used as a room spray, body tonic and to freshen linen. Try it on your pillow to fall asleep easier!

Shake well and spray generously where needed. Safe to use as often as necessary. Avoid eye contact. External use only.

8oz spray bottle.

Made in the heartland of the USA!

Lavender Cleansing Spray

The first line of defense.

I created Lavender Cleansing Spray when my horse Skye had to have his eye removed.  After his surgery I wanted to make sure to protect the area from dirt and infection.  I also wanted to help soothe and promote healing.   I applied it on his eye socket every day and he would actually drop his head and sigh when I used it.

Lavender Cleansing Spray is formulated with Aloe, witch hazel, lavender essential oil and honey extracts.  Witch hazel has high anti-inflammatory qualities.  Lavender promotes healing and soothes the area.  Honey has so many properties that make it a perfect addition to the other ingredients as a cleansing spray.

I have used it to sooth and help  heal sun burns, and burns from the stove on me and my family
Other customer use it with cotton to clean their dogs ears.
Some use it as a body spray.
I have used it on any injury that required daily cleansing on my horses.

Recently my beautiful 9 yr old mare showed signs of an abscessed tooth. We were referred to Iowa state for the surgery to remove the affected tooth. They could not get it from inside and needed to “drill” a hole through the bottom of her jaw, through the bone to punch-out the tooth root from the underside. This left a nasty huge opening that needed to drain for about 10 days and than slowly heal from the inside. We followed directions regarding changing the outside packing, not disturbing the inside packing and irrigating with a medicated solution for the first 10 days.

It was time to remove the packing inside and out and the wound was foul smelling and draining. My vet said this was normal. There was a lot of healing going on and the mouth area is not a clean environment. So we let the mare smell the Gentle Anti-Septic Lavender Spray and she gave the “yes” signals of chewing and licking. We sprayed it directly into the hole in her jaw and she didn’t even move. We treated every day with the Gentle Anti-Septic Spray and observed rapid healing and a clean smell. Also the lavender seems to be keeping flies from disturbing the healing process too. Once the inside healed we applied The Balm to prevent flies from bothering that area.

Recently my 17 year old Dressage Horse, had to have his eye removed. He had been blind in that eye for at least 6 years. But it became inflamed and painful. He came home from surgery with stitches which he started rubbing. I realized I couldn’t stop him from rubbing and breaking open part of the stitches, all I could do was keep it clean. I started spraying it with Gentle Anti-Septic the second day home. Twice a day, I saturated it, cleaning off the drainage. Soon he started licking and dropping his head while I cleaned it as it made it feel better. I than patted around the area with a clean wipe, and applied The Balm to protect the skin from and stitches from flies. It is starting to look much better and the swelling is going down.

I also have a customer who uses it diluted in water to clean and soothe the nicks and bites that her dogs and horses occasionally get during rough play. It can be used full strength or added to clean water, like she uses.

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Weight 8 oz


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