Peppermint Summer Protection

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***ATTENTION: Due to covid period supply constraints, this product will come in 2x 16oz. spray bottles instead of the regular 32oz. bottle. We hope this changes in the near future, but for now please be aware of this when shopping. If you do not wish to receive 2x 16oz. spray bottles please refrain from purchasing this product. Thanks for your support, Equispa! 🙂

Long-lasting protection against hot weather irritants.

All natural plant extracts.

Safe for horses of all ages including lactating mares.

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Best smelling spray in our test (2007)… pleasant to use… works very well for several hours.
– Horse Journal

An environmentally-friendly pest-repellent that uses natural plant extracts to protect your horse against hot weather irritants.

Safe for horses of all ages including lactating mares.

DEET-free and contains no toxic chemicals. Most commercial sprays state that you should wash your hands after using. Why would you want to put something on your horse that you have to wash off your hands?

32oz spray bottle or 1gal bottle.

Made in the heartland of the USA!

Peppermint Summer Protection

The flagship product that started it all!  When I could not find a non-toxic spray to protect my horses from flies and mosquitoes, I decided to create one myself.  As a certified aromatherapist, I had the training and knowledge of the power of plants and the amazing qualities in the compounds of aromatherapy.  So after a lot of experimenting on me and my family, I settled on a formula to try on my horses and I was amazed at the reaction.   I let them smell the product first.  They both seemed to enjoy the fragrance.  When I sprayed it on them, they relaxed.  I watched them through out the day and noticed that they were not bothered by flies.

This product is perfect for horse owners who are seeking a chem free lifestyle for their horse and their self.  What ever you spray on your horses, you are also being exposed to many of the toxic ingredients that can be found in many fly sprays.

Best Practices

  • spray generously all over the horses body
  • brush into the coat to get to the skin where the summer time pest like to bite
  • spray on legs and use a soft brush or  spray on a paper towel and wipe on the legs
  • For the head, spray on a towel and wipe all over the face avoiding coming too close to eye area.
  • You can smear a little of The Balm around the eye area for extra protection

Some things to remember when working with plant based  fly products

  • They last about 6 to 8 hours depending on application and amount and environment
  • They are not chemical based and will not perform at a chemical level. The benefits of nontoxic formulas out weigh the performance of using chemical based products
  • Flies may appear to “lite” on the horse however will likely not bite as the essential oil blend is not attractive to them.
  • I usually spray morning and evening for protection of all kinds of summer time pests.

More Testimonials

I use it every time I ride! “Peppermint summer protection ROCKS”
– Camie, Cambridge Iowa

My horses don’t dance away when I spray them with your products”
– Brenda, Minnesota

I love your peppermint spray. I also feel fine that I am not spraying harsh chemicals on the horses.
– Virginia

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Weight 32 oz

25 reviews for Peppermint Summer Protection

  1. Claudia L. (verified owner)

    I have an Arab gelding who is allergic to most fly sprays. Not only does he NOT have any reaction to this product, it’s the only fly spray that he’ll stand still for, while I spray!

    I highly recommend it!!!

  2. earl

  3. Taylah

  4. Raul

    Awesome, keep doing what you’re doing!

  5. tabatha

  6. Noella

  7. Susan H. (verified owner)

    My order arrived promptly. The spray works great and smells heavenly! I will say, however, that the shipping box was WAY oversized for this item.

  8. Robin (verified owner)

    Shipping was FAST! and packed well – no leaks. Only used one time and the flies seemed to stay away. My only complaint is that I could not get the bottle to spray it only came out in a stream – could be operator error?

    • Sherie Vermeer (store manager)

      HI Robin, the best way to get a wider spray is to turn the nozzle sprayer all the way off and then just barely turn to the right. Barely open is the widest stream. Hopefully this will solve the problem, if not let me know.

  9. leslie nixon (verified owner)

    The smell of this is so much better than the poisons in other insect sprays. No, it doesn’t last a long time but I’m good with that. I feel much better about putting this product on my horse than stronger sprays. It’s better for me too because I’m not breathing in poisonous stuff or getting it on me or my clothing.

  10. Lori Yoder (verified owner)

  11. Linda Pearson (verified owner)

    Since using Equi-Spa products, I and all my horses are completely spoiled and have absolutely no desire to use any other companies products. My horses have spoken and they all agree, Equi-Spa rocks!!!

  12. Roxanne Hafla (verified owner)

  13. Morgan Silver (verified owner)

    Really love this product. It smells great and the bugs hate it!

  14. Karen P. (verified owner)

    Again, smells great. Kept the flies away for a few hours. Love having a natural product for fly control!

  15. TIM JANSKY (verified owner)

  16. Claudia Shipshocklazycreek farm (verified owner)

    I have used this in the past and it is amazing

  17. Sara Doll (verified owner)

    Smells SO GOOD and Works Well

  18. Elizabeth H. (verified owner)

    So far, so good!! Horse loves the smell, too.

  19. Lynn K. (verified owner)

    Love the product!!! Shipping was fast

  20. TRACIE W. (verified owner)

    Nice smell and seems to keep the nasty flies and biting bugs at bay. Thanks..

  21. Kathryn L (verified owner)

    Love this spray. It does a great job of minimizing the flies and smells great too.

  22. Corey B. (verified owner)

    Great customer service and a product that works for my sensitive horses!

  23. Nancy H. (verified owner)

    Best stuff ever!!’ Never use anything else on my horses!

  24. leslie (verified owner)

    Either we have NO flies this year or it is working. 🙂

  25. Nancy A Huber (verified owner)

    Best stuff ever! I am pretty sure I have been using this exclusively for 20 years. I use it on myself and my horses and never have to worry about poisoning myself or my animals ..AND it WORKS!!

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