Not So Sweet Itch Formula

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Eliminate mane and tail rubbing.

Soothes and moisturizes the skin and hair
Reduces rubbing due to dry itchy skin
Promotes healing and new hair growth


This blend of soothing witch-hazel and pure essential oils provides quick relief dry and itchy skin,while natural plant extracts and moisturizing coconut oil promote relief and new hair growth.

Gentle enough for sensitive areas.

Apply around the dock of the tail, or anywhere the horse is rubbing. Softly brush or sponge into the skin.

For horses sensitive to sprays try Not So Sweet Itch Gel Formula.

15.5oz spray bottle.

Made in the heartland of the USA!

Not So Sweet Itch Products

This collection of products are made to help provide relief from the itching and dryness caused by biting summer pests known as Midges or No-See-Umms.

Many horses are sensitive to these pests.  Some are so sensitive that hives are present, some have rubbed areas to the point hair loss, and some have rubbed to the point creating painful raw areas.

Not So Sweet Itch Products are formulated with aloe, MCT oil, and Witch hazel blended with essential oils that work to calm and moisturize affected areas.  This allows for the body to balance and heal naturally.

These products do not cure the issue.  They only allow the body to heal itself.  The relief from the healing compounds of the essential and carrier oils last about 8 – 12 hours.  I apply daily on my sensitive horses, until the areas heal completely.

Not So Sweet Itch Spray

  • Spray on to the top and dock of the tail or anywhere most midges seem to want to bite and irritation is present.
  • Use a wipe to apply to legs or face
  • Apply daily

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Weight 15.5 oz

7 reviews for Not So Sweet Itch Formula

  1. Avatar photo


    I just wanted to tell you what a great product Not So Sweet Itch spray is. It has kept mine and my horse’s sanity. I had tried everything to stop that horrible itching and your product did it almost immediately.
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

  2. Mary M Hyslop (verified owner)

    13 years ago I was stumped about how to alleviate my sensitive-skinned mare’s tail itching and rubbing. Tried many of highly marketed and standard products from big and old companies but they irritated her skin and probably made the problem worse. My mare only got relief from Not So Sweet Itch Body Wash and Not So Sweet Itch Spray. I haven’t used anything else since and rely on it. These Equi-Spa products saved me serious vet bills.

  3. Lori Yoder (verified owner)

  4. Tracie Wang (verified owner)

    Does the job!

  5. TRACIE W. (verified owner)

    Appears to be helping with summer itch.. Thanks

  6. Denise (verified owner)

    Immediate improvement!

  7. Andrea M. (verified owner)

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