Cooling Tea Tree Gel

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A cooling and soothing gel infused with tea tree oil.

Great for reducing stress and soothing overworked muscles, especially back, haunches, shoulders, and hocks.

Will not burn or irritate.



A cooling and soothing gel infused with essential oils, great as a massage aid for stress and  muscles, especially back, haunches, shoulders, and hocks.

Organic aloe vera, known to be effective in soothing and cooling hot tired muscles, combined with natural stress relieving pure grade essential oils such as black pepper, rosemary, clove, and wintergreen, and witch-hazel a great natural skin tonic.

Safe and effective to apply as often as needed.

Feels cooling to hot skin and joints and soothing to stressed muscles, however it should not be applied to any raw or exposed skin.

Cooling Tea Tree Gel smells great and feels even better! Perfect to use in places were spraying is not easy. Easy to apply over large areas and helps muscles to stretch more readily improving mobility. Can also be used under wraps or blankets.

Also works on humans!

8oz squeeze bottle.

Made in the heartland of the USA!

Cooling Tea Tree Gel

Cooling Tea Tree Gel was created as a massage aid to help relieve stress on muscles and joints resulting from training or  light work.

It contains wintergreen and other cooling essential oils in an aloe gel base.  Wintergreen has soothing and cooling properties that helps relieve inflammation

I created it to relieve the stress of training my hunter jumper horse.  He loved his muscle rubs after a good work out or jumper round.

I have used this on my lower back and shoulders to relieve stress or inflammation.

It should not be applied to open wounds or sensitive areas.

It can be used in conjunction with Cool Muscle Wash for body massage.

I have a few massage therapists that use it on their human clients .




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Weight 8 oz

2 reviews for Cooling Tea Tree Gel

  1. Lara S. (verified owner)

    Ended up buying this for myself and it works great on sore muscles!

  2. Linda Pearson (verified owner)

    Since using Equi-Spa products, I and all my horses are completely spoiled and have absolutely no desire to use any other companies products. My horses have spoken and they all agree, Equi-Spa rocks!!!

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