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The Best Horse Habitat

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Domesticated horses live very differently than horses in the wild. In order to give your horse their best life, you need to do what you can to create a comfortable habitat that meets all of these natural needs. Although many of us do not have the land or the resources to perfectly recreate a natural environment, there are still many things we can do to create a healthy habitat where your horse will be safe, happy, and live a comfortable life. As someone who believes in the power of nature, I believe the best place to start is to look at how wild horses live. Continue reading The Best Horse Habitat

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Focus on the Basics

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I am giving a lesson. We are working on the flying changes of lead. We are building toward the changes that the horse already knows, but as we progress in the lesson, the horse not only acts like he has no idea what his rider wants, but he is starting to act irritated. I hop on to evaluate what the problem may be. Is the horse being naughty; is his back sore? What is going on? I start the canter work, balance the horse and perform the changes without much problem. We trade places and the student asks: Continue reading Focus on the Basics

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I Was Wrong About The Dressage Rider Pyramid

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I became aware of the existence of the Dressage Rider Pyramid during the L program, and I must admit that after I gave it a cursory glance, I thought, “this is stupid.”

However, while doing some research for another article, I once again stumbled across the Rider Pyramid, and upon reevaluation, I realize that I was wrong. Terribly wrong. This pyramid for riders makes sense. Because the focus is on the essential basics, it maps out the path to a successful relationship with your horse, giving you a roadmap to becoming a better rider.

Continue reading I Was Wrong About The Dressage Rider Pyramid