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Five Reasons to Switch


I didn’t start Equi-Spa to make money, I started because I had a bad reaction to an off-the-shelf horse-care product, and because I saw an incredible transformation in my own horses when I started using natural products.

I knew I had to share these benefits with other horse lovers and their horses.

I talk a lot about the importance of natural horse-care, and here are five important reasons why I believe everyone should make the switch to natural too.

Horse products are not strictly regulated

Horse products are not treated the same way as human products that require strict safety testing and regulation. Our government simply does not offer these protections to horses. Unless you are  buying equine shampoo, pest repellent or massage oil from a company like Equi-Spa that is committed to using non-toxic ingredients, you can’t be sure that they are safe for your horse.

Natural products reduce the chance of skin reactions and sensitivity

Horses have delicate, sensitive skin just like humans, and applying harsh toxic chemicals can cause dryness, irritation, and other severe issues. Natural products formulated with essential oils for horses are gentle and have a lower chance of causing skin problems.

Natural products are better for the environment

Natural products mean you won’t be introducing toxins into your horse’s environment. Equi-Spa uses all natural ingredients. We are very careful where we source all of our materials to ensure safety, quality, and environmentally-friendly production practices.

They reduce the suffering of other animals

As horse owners, we are by default animal lovers. Most of the chemical products you find in stores have been tested on unwilling animals. When you use a natural product, you are helping to reduce laboratory animal testing. At Equi-Spa we always say “Human tested and horse approved” because we only start to try out new products on our own horses when we are absolutely sure they won’t cause any harm.

Equi-Spa products smell incredible!

Natural products smell fresh and almost good enough to eat! You’ll love the smell, but more importantly your horse will too. Horses have an extremely sensitive sense of smell, and the artificial fragrances used in many products can be very unpleasant for them. Natural products made with essential oils are non-irritating and won’t overwhelm their highly-developed noses.

Think abut this the next time your stable cleaning product tells you to wear protective gear and masks, and to avoid skin contact.

These are just some of the many reasons I believe so strongly in natural horse care and really hope that others will consider making the change.

Why did you make the switch to natural products? Please post you reasons in the comments below. Also please help spread this message to other horse lovers using the Share! buttons at the top of this page.

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  1. Horse grooming is a necessity as that is why they look so beautiful.

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  3. Great article. My horses deserve notbung but the best and I’m glad to see people passionate about their care!

  4. Our horses will love being groomed with your products!

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  6. Glad u take the time to give your horse the best as well as personal care n attention

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