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HOW TO: Keep Cool and Comfortable All Summer


There are a lot of irritants in the summer. The blazing sun and allergens can be tough on your horse’s skin. Also, in the summer months there are irritating pests everywhere. With the summer months fast approaching, now is the time to put together a strategy to keep your horse cool and comfortable. Equi-Spa offers a couple products that can help battle against these summer irritants.

Peppermint Summer Protection

Peppermint Summer Protection is a multi-functional product. It wards off nasty insects and can be sprayed directly on your horse’s coat or around the barn. Peppermint Summer Protection is better alternative to toxic chemicals like pyrethrin to get rid of pests. It can also be used for cleaning the stable because it’s an anti-microbial and anti-allergen. Some customers have used it to help range of illnesses and injuries. It’s really a versatile product for summertime.

The Balm!

The Balm! Is a great summer product for three reasons. First, it moisturizes and nourishes skin that can be dried out from the summer sun. Second, made with beeswax, The Balm! creates a barrier against summer pests and biting bugs. Third, it helps heal existing bug bites. We’ve seen it do wonders for black fly, horse fly, and mosquito bites.

Cooling Tea Tree Gel and Cool Muscle wash

Cooling Tea Tree Gel and Cool Muscle Wash were formulated for equine joint and muscle relief. However, they are also perfect for helping to help keep your horse’s body cool in the hot summer sun. If your horse is outside all day and is showing signs of overheating or heat exhaustion, start by giving them plenty of fresh cool water. Then rub or spay the cooling formulas into their coat. When the breeze hits it’ll act like their own personal air conditioner. (Tip: Both products work great on humans too! Try it on yourself when you need to cool-off in the sun.)

These products will help your horse get more pleasure out of their summer months. If you have any questions about how these products can be used, leave a comment below. I love helping my customers find the right product for their horse.

3 thoughts on “HOW TO: Keep Cool and Comfortable All Summer

  1. Some great tips – it has been a hot summer for animals and any ideas to help them stay healthy and cool are appreciated. I like that the Balm! will keep away biting insects.

  2. Thanks for the good information. Gotta keep cool and keep the bugs away.

  3. Great tips! I love these.

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