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Five Tips To Horse Grooming

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I am very passionate about horse grooming. I think it is one of the best parts about owning a horse. It’s a great time to bond, relax, and show your care. Plus, if you do it right, your horse will love it. If you’re just starting out with horse grooming, here are some tips help you become a master groomer:

Learn from the experts

Getting some expert help can really improve your skills. Start by talking to experienced horse owners about their grooming processes. You can also ask your veterinarian for some tips and techniques. There are also tons of resources online that can help. The more you learn, the better you’ll get.

Make it a daily practice

Having a daily grooming routine has so many benefits. First, it will make your horse more comfortable during grooming because they’ll know what to expect. Secondly, it will help prevent and avoid any really difficult grooming challenges like staining, tangles, and itchy skin. Finally, daily grooming will keep your horse in great health because it will ward off microbes and pests that can cause disease.

Invest in the right tools

Tools are everything when it comes to horse grooming. Things your will need in your grooming kit include:

  • Currycombs
  • Dandy brushes
  • A variety of soft bristle brushes
  • Sponges
  • Wash mitts

Having the right tool makes any job easier, whether it’s loosening dirt from the coat or detangling your horse’s tail.

Use natural horse-care products

I don’t just say use natural horse-care products because I developed the Equispa product line, but because I’ve seen the damage that chemical products can do. When horse-care products like horse shampoos, hoof cleaners, and tail gloss are made from synthetic ingredients they cause more issues than they solve. For example, the wrong horse shampoo can dry your horse’s mane, leading to tangles, increasing the amount of grooming needed in the future.

Have patience!

It takes a while to develop a great set of grooming skills. The more you practice the better you and your horse will get. So take your time and enjoy the process, there’s no rush to perfection.

Follow these five tips and you’ll be grooming like a professional in no time. Also, if you ever need any advice on what products to use for specific issues leave a comment below or on Facebook, or email me at the address below, I’m always happy to help.

39 thoughts on “Five Tips To Horse Grooming

  1. I like the article

  2. Thanks for the article. This needs to be done daily to get great results

  3. I love the idea of natural, chemical free products! If I won’t use chemicals on my body or in my house, why would I use them on my animals?!

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  8. Great new products, thank you for introducing them to try!!

  9. I should try and use more natural products. I agree that patience is key!

  10. I really need to start using more natural products!!! I love this, thank you!

  11. My Son always wanted a horse when he was little and I know would have been a great groomer for him. I especially like the idea of doing it on a daily basis!!

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  15. I’ve loved horses my entire life, but never really got to work with them until recently (I’m an animal rescuer). These are some great tips. I need to share them with my daughter, who recently got a horse, too.

  16. I absolutely believe that grooming daily is so beneficial to your horse! I feel like it makes their coats really shine and look so much better

  17. Helpful article – thanks

  18. It can be very soothing to groom a horse. Good for my mood.

  19. Good tips! I love being around horses!

  20. The most important advice in the article was “Have patience”. Your animal knows if you are impatient. Attitude is 50% in gaining cooperation from your animal.

  21. my husband and i want to get horses. this would be useful for us to remember.

  22. Good tips. Daily grooming helps you and your horse.

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  27. Thank you for making a line of natural care products for horses. There is so much poo in everything anymore…our air, food, water, personal care products, etc., etc.
    I don’t have any horses, but I try to use natural products on my Furry Angels when I can. It’s only right.

  28. In addition to having several types of curries, I’m a big fan of the long bristle “flicker” type brushes – when used with a bit of muscle behind it, they allow a motion that is similar to the “strapping” done in the UK. Puts a gorgeous bloom on the coat!

  29. The best tip in your article is to “HAVE PATIENCE.” Good information and love that your products are natural.

  30. Horses are such wonderful companions. We’d love to own horses if we had a farm!

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  33. We used to have 2 horses and I knew 1 had terrible anxiety but I didnt know of all the natural things you could buy. I have a father in law who felt being very firm was the answer and that horses were only for work so we gave them away. I couldnt bear the one horse living in fear and u could see it in him ;(

  34. Bonding through grooming also works with dogs and cats. It builds trust.

  35. Great that you underscore patience. Honing skills is all about being focused on getting better and being patient with progress.

  36. These tips are very helpful. Thanks for sharing!

  37. It really helped when you said that having the right tools will help the grooming job easier. With that in mind, I will be buying tools as well when I have bought myself a horse next year. It has always been my dream ever since I was a kid because I adore princesses riding horses. Thanks for the tips!

  38. Thank you for pointing out that daily grooming will not only make it easier since the horse will learn to expect it, it will also help make sure that no hair tangles up and make things hard for me. I usually brush my sister’s hair, so I know how troublesome it is to untangle a tangled hair. I do not want to go through the same thing with or future horse. This will be noted.

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