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How To Relieve Rain Rot Naturally

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Rain Rot is a type of bacterial infection that can be triggered by prolonged exposure to moisture and rising temperature. Rain Rot can become an issue for horses during wet months of the year, and while most owners will turn to the various chemical potions on the market to help treat it, I prefer a natural approach using essential oils.

Rain Rot is caused by a bacteria that lives dormant in the skin until it is presented with favorable conditions. It can also be caused by biting insects. Rain Rot is easy to recognize on your horse because there will be peeling lesions and bald spots. If you suspect Rain Rot, you should call your veterinarian to diagnose the condition.

Relieving Rain Rot in horses with essential oils

There are many products on the market that can relieve Rain Rot. However, most of them contain ingredients like chemicals and acids. These are not only unhealthy for your horse and you, but they can be painful when applied. A better option is to use essential oils. The best essential oil for bacterial infections of any kind is tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is a powerful antiseptic that kills harmful bacteria. Equi-Spa Cooling Tea Tree Gel combines the power of tea tree oil with the soothing pain relief of organic aloe vera.

If your horse doesn’t particularly care for tea tree oil, there are other options you can try that they may like more. Just remember to always mix them with a soothing carrier like aloe vera or coconut oil before applying topically.

● Chamomile
● Lavender
● Patchouli
● Oregano
● Myrrh
● Frankincense
● Thyme

All of these oils have antibacterial properties that can help address and relieve Rain Rot. Also, many of these oils are in Equi-Spa’s The Balm which is why it’s a great product to have on hand for all types of skin conditions.

Remember when it comes to using essential oils for horses, start slowly by introducing the oil to your horse to gauge their reaction. If they give you the lip curl approval, you’ll be good to go.

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  1. How many drops of essential oils is needed to mix with coconut oil for rain rot treatment

    1. I have been using 95 percent coconut 2 percent. Tea tree 2 Lavander and 1 aloe Vera. Works brilliant

      1. I love the idea of using natural solutions to help all animals. you are pretty right on with your essential oil choices and the carrier of coconut oil!

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