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Keeping Your Horse’s Coat White

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We’ve all dreamed of having a white horse at some point in our lives. They are absolutely majestic and create a sense of fantasy when you see them galloping through the fields. Though undeniably beautiful, it is not a dream to care for a white coat. White coats are prone to staining, yellowing, and looking dull and dirty. However, there are a few grooming tricks you can do to keep your horse’s coat shiny, bright, and white.

Avoid toxic horse-care products

When looking for shampoos for your white horse, you may come across whitening shampoos. These contain harsh chemicals that are very damaging to your horse’s coat. Many whitening shampoos contain blue or purple bleaching aids that remove stains but also strip the hair of oils and leave the follicle brittle. They can also cause skin dryness and irritation. No matter how stained your horse’s coat, never use one of these shampoos.

How to groom a white horse

Start by investing in a cleansing mitt or a rubber curry so that you can scrub your horse’s coat down to the skin. Use warm water and a gentle shampoo like Not So Sweet Itch Body Wash and really put in some elbow grease to remove any dirt or oil. This will also help stimulate your horse’s natural skin oils which will prevent the build-up of dirt and stains.

Next, clip the coat to remove some of the stained follicles and so dirt can’t build up and cause staining. Then create a protective oil barrier by applying Showcoat Leave-In Conditioner. A light application will do, but you can apply a little more in areas more prone to staining like on the legs near the hooves. Finally, between bathings use Grapefruit Coat Refresh daily to keep the coat fresh and clean so stains don’t build up.

What else you can do

There are a few things beyond grooming you can do that will help prevent staining:

  • Feed your horse a diet loaded with zinc, copper, biotin, fatty acids, and protein to support hair growth
  • Consider the selective use of horse clothing on particularly dusty or muddy days
  • Deep clean your horse’s stall
  • Try applying lemon, lavender, turmeric, sandalwood, or bergamot essential oils which offer natural brightening and lightening

Follow these tips and you’ll keep your white horse’s coat bright and new! If you have any grooming secrets of your own, please share them in the comments below.

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