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Horse Grooming Challenges: Tangled Tails

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Grooming is one of my favorite things about being a horse owner. It’s a wonderful time to connect, bond, and show your care. However, sometimes grooming time isn’t all sunshine and roses. Even a master horse groomer can run into challenges and this series aims to address some of these challenges. Today I’d like to address another common issue: tangled tails.

Our horse’s tails are gorgeous, from their silky soft touch to the way they fly in the wind. Since tails are long, it can be easy for them to get tangled. Sadly, removing these tangles can be a painful experience for both horse and groomer. Here’s how to remove those knots and prevent them from developing.

Invest in the right horse grooming tools

Whether your horse’s tail follicles are thick or thin, having the right tools to tackle tangles can save a lot of headaches. I recommend a flat backed brush with widely spaced, soft-tip bristles. Also, a wide tooth comb can be very helpful as well. Next you’ll want to stock up on products designed specifically for mane and tail repair such as Fairy Tails SprayFairy Tails Lotion or Fairy Tails Orchid Oil Gloss depending on your preferred application method.

How to battle those tangles

Remember less is always more when it comes to tail brushing. If you pull too hard, you can cause breakage which will lead to more tangles. Be gentle with every stroke. Start with applying Fairy Tails spray or lotion to the tail and massage it gently into the hair follicle. In areas where there are tough tangles, apply a little more to make these areas easier to address.

Take small sections of hair, working from the bottom up and comb out the tangles. When you’ve finished a section separate it from the rest of the tail. Once you’ve worked through all the knots, you’ll want to brush the entire tail. Fairy Tails products add a protective layer of natural essential oils to the follicle and will help prevent the build up of knots in the future.

Some tangle prevention tips

Finally, once you’ve gotten the tail fully groomed there are some things you can do to keep it from developing knots:

  • Keep the follicle and tail moisturized
  • Braid the tail if your horse is going to be very active
  • You can also use a tail bag, though I only recommend these before horse shows because they can be difficult to put on safely and your horse needs their tail to swat flies

If you follow these tips, dealing with tangled tails will be a breeze.


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  1. Recently, my aunt said her daughter started getting interested in horses and wants to learn how to ride and care for one. It’s great that you mentioned how horses could get their tails tangled without proper care, so I’ll make sure my aunt and cousin get your article’s insight now. Thank you for describing horse grooming and which tools are a must.

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