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Adopt Effective Habits of Expert Horse Groomers For Best Results

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Do you ever wonder how expert horse groomers achieve great results? Well, having witnessed and worked with a few amazing horse groomers, I can tell you that great groomers are not born but they are made through consistency, technique, and by using the right products. If you want to achieve similar results, even as a novice groomer, I recommend these top habits. By replicating their ways, you too can achieve expert quality horse grooming.

Use the right tools

The complete set of tools in a horse grooming kit have already been discussed, so take the time to build a high-quality set of tools. Experts have in their arsenal a selection of carefully selected set of brushes, curry combs, sponges, rags, wipes, and a few useful extras.

Select high-quality grooming products

With your grooming tools and gadgets sorted, another important aspect of expert horse grooming is using high-quality grooming products such as shampoos, conditioners, and silicone sprays to ensure that the horse’s coat looks healthy and shiny. Expert groomers trust only the best in this case and I suggest you should too if you want a show horse to shine. Select products that contain natural, nourishing ingredients that support healthy and shiny hair and minimize damage and breakage.

Put in the effort

Good grooming requires effort and elbow grease. Putting in the effort will yield better results. From currying to polishing, you require strokes with pressure to get rid of the dirt, mud, and dead hair lodged deep into the coat of the horse. Experts suggest working from the back to the front of the horse with multiple short strokes in the direction which the hair lies for best results. Another great tip is to use both arms alternatively to do the work, this way you will prevent one arm from doing all the work and fatiguing.

Brushing, on the other hand, does not require a lot of effort, especially if you are using a soft brush to bring out the shine. If you groom your horse right with the correct amount of effort and hard work expect your arms to get tired and even a little sore from the exercise.

Skip the shampoo

Although you might believe that washing and shampooing the horse daily is something experts might favor, on the contrary, most suggest shampooing your horse sparingly because it can do more harm than good. Too many baths and too often with harsh detergents can lead to the drying and itchiness of the skin, which is why I formulated Not-So-Sweet-Itch Body Wash to shampoo the coat without stripping away the skin and hair’s natural oils. Use Grapefruit Coat Refresh and Showcoat Leave In Conditioner as an alternative to bathing when your horse’s coat is not too dirty.

Focus on the feed

A good coat is more than just good grooming. If a horse is deficient in key nutrients, it will reflect in the quality and look of their skin and coat. An expert groomer appreciates the importance of a well-balanced diet for their horse that is full of vitamins, omega fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. A tip for a shiny coat is pouring a couple of tablespoons of vegetable oil on the horse’s feed. Nutrients such as biotin and vitamin B are good for skin and hoof health.

Download our free Ebook for information about the natural herbs and plants I recommend supplementing in your horse’s diet.

Maintain the mane and tail

One of the most striking and stunning aspects of a well-groomed horse, other than its shiny coat, is a thick flowing mane and tail. To achieve these amazing results, experts choose only the best and most effective tools for detangling. Regularly using and effective conditioner, such as our FAIRY TAILS! line, not only makes the mane and tail shine, they also help prevent tangling and having debris get caught in the hair, meaning you have less work to do next time.

Consistency is key

Experts pay equal amounts of attention to every aspect of grooming and each part of the horse. They also take the time to learn about the horse and use grooming as an effective way of bonding with the animal.

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