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5 Things to Avoid When Grooming Your Horse

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Grooming your horse is important: however, grooming your horse properly is even more pertinent. There are many horse owners who do not groom their horses the right way.

In most cases, the lack of proper information fuels bad practices. Common mistakes made when grooming a horse can prove costly in the long term.

As a horse owner or groomer, you have to keep learning about the best practices to keep your horse clean, healthy and happy. In many instances, you may think you’re doing your horse a favor while in actual fact you may be hurting your stallion with poor grooming habits. Knowing the things to avoid will therefore help you groom your horse properly. This article explores the top 5 things to avoid when caring for your horse. Before getting to the meat, let us first look at the quick benefits of grooming your horse.

Importance and benefits of horse grooming

1. To boost physical and emotional wellness for the horse

Grooming enhances circulation of blood through the body. To this end, your horse will feel better both physically and emotionally. The skin and coat will as a result radiate when your horse is well-groomed healthy.

2. To remove debris and elements that can compromise health.

Dirt and filth are trapped every single day in the coat and hair of your horse. Removing this dirt will help prevent skin conditions caused by pathogens. To this end, grooming is a preventive measure to remove harmful elements from the body of your horse. Dangers like bacteria, fungi and viruses affect horses that are not cleaned properly and as needed.

3. Grooming allows the groomer to check the horse regularly.

Things like swelling and cuts can really bring your horse down. Therefore, you are able to provide the necessary help to avoid full blown problems with your horse. Also, catching ailments early provides a better prognosis and is cheaper to contain.

4. Horse grooming is a great way to bond with your beloved horse.

Personal touch and attention are important to form a strong bond with the animal. As a result, the bond will enhance training and make the relationship much better. It is a great way to master the temperament of your horse as well. Problems like equine depression and anxiety can be treated through this personal care for the creation of trust.

If you are grooming your horse the wrong way, you might not achieve all the above benefits. Below is a list of things not to do while grooming your horse.

Your relationship with a horse can greatly improve with regular grooming

Top horse grooming mistakes to avoid

1. Avoid washing your horse too often

Horses that are light colored will benefit more from regularly washing than dark colored horses. Overall, your horse must retain its natural oils to keep it radiant. Washing often will strip natural oils which is detrimental to the coat’s vibrancy. So, how often should you wash your horse? There is no single answer to this question. Some horse owners are strong believers in never washing a horse while others will do it weekly and others monthly. There are many aspects that come into play like the weather, health conditions, activity level and so on. In this respect, a horse that needs regular washing will meet a certain threshold. A muddy filthy horse for example should certainly be washed and depending on the individual circumstances, every horse owner should create a routine that works for them. Regular brushing is more effective than regular washing to keep the coat in top shape.

2. Avoid using cold water on your horse

Cold water on your horse is certainly a mistake that should be avoided. You want to use lukewarm water for several good reasons. First, the lathering of products like shampoo will be enhanced. Then, warmer water feels better on the skin and fur of your horse. Also, there are relaxation benefits as well for the horse. Therefore, always consider the temperature of your water when washing. Hot water is detrimental and can potentially burn your horse. Being extra keen on this is advised to enjoy best results.

3. Avoid using the wrong grooming tools

There are numerous tools used for equine grooming. From curry combs to body brushes and hoof picks; the list goes on and on. It is important to buy tools that are suited to your horse. Also, use the tools properly to ensure that your horse is comfortable all the time. After every grooming episode, make sure that these tools are clean. Using dirty tools is counterproductive. Allocate different sponges to be used on the eyes, nose, lips and so on. Large sponges can be used for larger parts of the body. Using wrong tools on your horse is hazardous; and if you are not sure which tools to use, get expert help and look at relevant guides on this.

4. Avoid using harsh conditioners

Conditioners are great because they provide the right protection for your horse’s skin while leaving the coat radiant and attractive. However, the products you use matter greatly. Some harsh products will do more harm than good. When looking for a conditioner, go for a silicone-free option. Natural alternatives that are free from toxins are best for your horse. A product that does not clog pores is also recommended. If you have no idea where to source high quality natural horse care products, check out Equi-Spa.

5. Avoid brushing wet mud on your horse

The best way to clean mud on your horse’s coat is when it is dry. This will make your work much easier. It will also prevent the spread of filth in a bigger area of your horse. Also, always clean the face of your horse after exercise or activity using a clean sponge. This is the sure way to keep fungal hair loss at bay. When brushing or cleaning your horse, always be gentle. Animals can read your body language and they do not respond well to aggression. With the tips above, you should avoid common mistakes and groom your dear horse the right way every single time.

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