Cool Muscle Wash

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***ATTENTION: Due to covid period supply constraints, this product will come in 2x 16oz. spray bottles instead of the regular 32oz. bottle. We hope this changes in the near future, but for now please be aware of this when shopping. If you do not wish to receive 2x 16oz. spray bottles please refrain from purchasing this product. Thanks for your support, Equispa! 🙂

Therapeutic grade essential oils in a base of soothing witch-hazel that helps to relieve the stress of overworked muscles, specifically for a horse’s legs, hocks, and back.

Use before wraps, after workouts and during stretching exercises.

Can also be used as an aromatherapy massage oil.

Designed for horses but great for humans too!


Non-drying and highly aromatic. Effective full strength as a message aid or for minor strains and sprains. Excellent as a body wash.
– Horse Journal

A proprietary blend of therapeutic grade essential oils in a base of soothing witch-hazel. The essential oils work together to create a synergy of therapeutic benefits to sooth and relax tight muscles, relieve aching and swollen joints, and cool-off inflamed tissues specifically in the legs, hocks, and back.

Cool Muscle Wash has a refreshing minty fragrance that people and horses find appealing. Mentally, it energizes, helps focus and concentration. Emotionally it is uplifting, and helps fight mild depression and apathy.

32oz spray bottle.

Made in the heartland of the USA!

Cool Muscle Wash

Minty fresh energizing spray to support the muscles and joints of equine athletes.  Wintergreen, Aloe, Witch Hazel and Essential oil blend created to relieve the discomfort from exercise, hauling, showing, and training.

Customer recommendations for use

  • Add to a bucket of water for a refreshing cooling body brace. Helps immediately lower temp and reduce sweating following heavy work out or summer heat
  • Spray on large muscle groups and joints for stretching exercise before tacking up for a ride. Helps create a free moving horse and has been known to increase the quality of the gaits.
  • Spray after a ride and brush in to reduce heat and soothe stressed muscles and joints.
  • Riders have found relief from spraying on their own back and joints
  • Sprayed in the air in the barn or stall helps with mental focus for horse and rider.

Our customers have been very creative about ‘other’ uses for the product… some examples:

  • Used by massage therapists servicing human and equine clients. We have been told that it seems to help with deep tissue work and muscle relaxation.
  • A woman in Kansas used it on her horse after two days of going to events. She sprayed it on his back and covered him with a blanket. The next morning he was soft and loose in his back where he is normally cold and flat.
  • A man in Minnesota used it to unlock stiff stifles before a big dressage show.
  • Many of our customers use it on themselves to reduce swelling and inflammation of arthritic joints or injuries.
  • One woman in Iowa uses it to “sweat” the neck of her halter horse. She claims it does not burn the horse and will not change the color of her palomino.
  • Many riders use it to lower the body temperature of their horse, and themselves on very hot days or heavy workouts.

Additional information

Weight 32 oz

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    Amazing customer service!

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    Great product…used for years

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    We LOVE IT

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    Not as drastic a change but my mare seems to enjoy it.

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    Wonderful product

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