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New Product Trial and Review

I am presenting a new product in the spring.  Have not even named it yet. I am working with some very smart horse women who happen to be chemists and work with botanicals and natural compounds.

Together we are developing a Mane and Tail detangler.  Showcoat is a conditioning product and helps tails and manes grow and keeps the over all coat healthy, and able to do some light detangling….but I needed something faster and able to take care of some dred locks that horses can develop, get out the most difficult burrs, with out silicone, and leave the tail fluffy and shiny.

I FOUND IT with the help of these two wonderful women.

I really really wanted to avoid silicon/silicone because it hardens (think of all the silicon injections that have been disasters in plastic surgery) and can become brittle and cause breakage with continued use.

Nearly all of the commercial detanglers have it in them.  Even the natural ones, and even if it is not on the label.  Horse grooming products are not regulated and they are not required to list all the ingredients.  There are so many forms of silicon which can be natural as from sand, or man made silicone compounds, that even if it is listed on the label…you may not recognize it.  As you know Equi-Spa products always list the ingredients on the labels.

So my commitment to non toxic, gentle natural botanical ingredients not been compromised with the development of the new product, I am proud to say!

I sent about 80 samples of the product out for field trials with a volunteer focus group and starting to get feedback…which I am elated to state,  is overwhelmingly positive!!!

Normally I write my own blogs but this time I am letting Amy Jo  from Oregon be the author of this blog by posting her glowing and detailed review.   Thank you Amy Jo of Pink Pony Ranch 🙂

Hi Sherie,


I keep forgetting to ask you if you have a flyer, brochure (I wrote “brother” first – ha!), and/or business card you could shoot my way.  We have been using your product(s) and LOVE THEM!  A couple of women at the barn have asked how to contact you.  I would love to post a professional card or something on the bulletin board, but can write out something nice myself if you would rather.


So your mane and tail detangler is AWESOME.  I never thought I would like one that is creamy instead of slippery and clear.  I was getting ready to purchase Gleem from Equi-Fuse when I saw your “request for test” -ers on FB.  I am so glad I waited.  I have a Mustang that has this bizarre thin and yet wavy mane with virtually no tail, which kills me as I adore manes and tails.  I cannot use any products on his mane or his mane virtually flattens and sulks away to nothing – just a weighted down embarrassment.  My Mustang is pony-size and has a Napoleon attitude, and so he needs all the help he can get.  Your product about tripled the appearance of his mane.  Did you know it did that?  It wasn’t a spray (Showsheen) and didn’t wet him down in the cold and frigid weather.  And it did not weigh down his mane – actually made it appear thicker and fuller – while helping to detangle it!  It was wonderful as I had just finished giving a beginner riding lesson, and my precious student, Lily, was helping me groom Cornelius after her lesson.  I was dying to try one of the chocolate kiss cookies she brought me, but we soon got so engrossed in beautifying Cornelius that my mouth stopped watering.


Here is another HUGELY positive response from me as well.  Do you know how thick and stiff and prickly mule manes and tails can be?  If the mule gets more of the donkey hair DNA, their manes sometimes never ever lie down and are very brittle and stiff.  Well … NOT WITH YOUR PRODUCT!  This is the PERFECT mane and tail conditioner for a mule’s mane and tail.  While Fivey the Wonder Mule does not have a long enough mane to even attempt to lie down yet, I am certain that if any product will help this along, it will be yours.  After applying your mane and tail lotion, I could easily pull a mane comb through his mane – not an easy task on any other day.  And I got through his tail with ease as well.  What I also loved was how much dirt came off by using your product.  Dirt molecules seemed to attach to the product that was left on whatever implement I was using and removed the dirt from the horse.  AWESOME!  I am so excited to use more of this.


I also used your mane and tail detangler on Sir Vincent the Fancy Spanish Mustang.  He had caked-on globs of mud, which I have never seen on one of my equines before.  I bet you know what I am going to say …. Your product cleaned it right off and gave him a beautiful mane and tail.  Vinnie is the founding member of my local Pretty Pony Mane and Tail Club, which involves only my horses (not Cornelius – he didn’t make the cut) and my friend’s horses.  We have our own club.  Hey, why not?  So Vinnie, who is a bay dun roan sabino appaloosa (yes, he turns pink in the summer, thus the Pink Pony Ranch) is very, very light and gets very, very dirty.  Your mane and tail lotion cleaned him up and made him feel fancy again.  So did your grapefruit conditioner.  OMG, it smells glorious!  When I was pregnant with my first son, all I wanted was grapefruit everything.  Since it was so cold out, I sprayed it on a rap and wiped down Vinnie.  I had to put some on everyone else, too, so I could smell it.  (It has to be about me a little, right?)  I LOVE the stuff!  I hope that wasn’t supposed to go to Darla.  I haven’t used much and can still get it to her.  But I might have to leave the country with it.  I don’t know.  I really love it.


So the mane and tail product smells glorious.  Is there actually a scent in it?  I really love it.  How do you keep it from hardening?  It was around 30 degrees the day I used it and it squirted freely from the bottle.  I want more … more and more and more.


I can’t wait to carry your products at Pleasant Hill Feed.  I am so excited to merchandise them on the shelves!


Thank you so much, Sherie.  You rock!


Amy Jo


PS: Remember to send some contact info or just have me write it out.


I am so pleased with the response and want to thank all of the focus group volunteers for taking the time to trial the product and provide feedback.  


Now I think I need to come up with a cool name….How about a contest to name the new product?  Follow me on Face book via the link on the right and I will post the Contest.  The winner will receive credit and some free products from Equi-Spa 🙂




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  1. I can remember painstakingly brushing and picking to remove tangles and burs from my belgiums tail, especially after she played in the rain, a detangler would have save so much time and tears.

  2. We need something useful for a detangler! It’s a pain.

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