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Why I love Chamomile

What Is Chamomile?
Made from the flowering tops of the Matricaria recutita, chamomile is an effective remedy for a number of various ailments.  chamomile is perhaps the world’s most soothing herb, helping to relieve anxiety and insomnia. Chamomile is also often used internally to treat digestive disorders, bowel inflammation, heartburn and even menstrual cramps. Externally it can be used to treat skin disorders, sunburns, eye inflammation and bacterial infections.  There are different types of Chamomile available, Chamomile Roman and German for example. Although quite similar, the compound make up can vary.  It is important to know what type to use for your purpose and also to consider the source of the plant.    Where it is grown and how it is grown effects the performance of the compounds.

How Does Chamomile Work?
Chamomile  is an anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, and anti-bacterial botanical ingredient in Equi-Spa Not So Sweet Itch products, Elderberry and Chamomile shampoo, due out on the Market next spring, and in  Equi-Spa Sheath and Udder Cleaner.

1. Anti-inflammatory: Chamomile soothes inflammation both inside and outside of the body. On the inside of the body Inflammation is the cause of many gastrointestinal complaints, such as heartburn, diverticular disorders, and inflammatory bowel disease. It acts to sooth the smooth muscles lining the digestive tract, relieving irritable symptoms. Outside the body, chamomile is used to treat mild burns, including sunburn, rashes, sores and even eye inflammation.

2. Anti-spasmodic: This property of chamomile is responsible for the muscle and nerve-relaxing powers of the herb. It is used commonly to treat anxiety disorders and insomnia, as well as muscle pain associated with menstrual cramps and muscle strains. Certain active compounds in chamomile work similar to anti-anxiety medications, which promote relaxation in the brain and nervous system.

3. Anti bacterial:  One of chamomile’s active ingredients, Azulene, directly fights staphylococcus and streptococcus infections. By destroying the bacteria that cause infections, chamomile enhances and hastens recovery time.

Chamomile is also one of the most expensive essential oils.  I use it because it is effective  in synergy with the other therapeutic grade essential oils that are blended  in Not so Sweet Itch Spray, Gel and Shampoo.  The reports and feed back I receive from users  is amazing.

These two testimony’s were a surprise and both made me a bit emotional.

From  a Doctor in Kansas City

“I am a physician who is published (research and book contributor) and formerly on the academic staff of a major medical shcool. I would like to endorse these products via a personal situation.
One time at a horse show a 6 inch scar on my wrist became very inflamed and stiff. Very painful. Equispa was at the show and It was recommended that I use a combination of Not So Sweet Itch and The Balm topically. It worked very rapidly to soothe the inflammation and soften the scar so that I could show my horse. Over the next couple of weeks the very angry, stiff scar became almost completely flat and skin-colored. It has remained so for more than a year with intermittant applications. The scar was already 2 years old when I began using the products.
Love the stuff and the company owner. Both Swwweeeeet,”

From a Massage therapist

I also received the samples of the Not So Sweet Itch formulas. I hadn’t really thought about them much, and they sat on my piano by my door for the first few days after receiving them. Then on Monday, I had an epiphany…I have SLE (Lupus), and one of my symptoms during a flare (which is almost always at this point) is the dreaded to-the-bone leg itch. If you google Lupus leg itch, there are several forums and article written about it. It’s an itch that feels like it’s coming from the bone and no matter how hard you dig and claw, you never get to it, and only stop because the pain you have caused is greater than the itch. This happens to most people in the middle of the night, so we don’t even wake up to itch, we just itch and wake up with legs that look like a tiger used us as a scratching post. And then try taking a hot shower with those scratched legs….OUCH!

Anyway, while at work, I felt the itch coming on and immediately thought “I wonder what that will do if I use the Not So Sweet Itch formula?” So, when I came home, I sprayed the liquid formula on my legs, which were still itching from earlier. Within one minute my legs stopped itching…and then I felt…nothing! I stood there thinking “Okay, as soon as this dries, or as soon as I rub my legs on the bed covers, etc., I will start feeling itchy. Nope, I woke up the next morning with my legs untouched! So, after my morning shower, I sprayed my legs and off to my office I went. At night, I did the same treatment, and another night of no scratching. I have not gone without touching my legs for more than one night in a row, so I figured, let me give this a few more day…

By Friday, still no itching. Now this morning, I had a flare up (I ate redmeat for the first time in months and that’s a big no no, but I needed a little protein). I did NOT however, spray my legs before bed last night. So, I used the gel formula. Instant itch-stop! (and my itch was bad…just my pants touching my skin was causing an all-out itch fest).

So, I was glad that facebook deleted my message (similar to this one) yesterday, because it gave me the chance to also use the gel formula. I think I am going to order the gel formula for less waste since I’m spraying my legs, opposed to a horse’s body LOL
I wanted to THANK YOU for whatever essential oil blends and carriers you are using in this formula. To look at my legs HEALED, with no long claw mark scabs for the first time in years, is amazing…let alone th  the psychological impact it has as well. I’m not sure if you are allowed to promote the formula for people, but I am telling others about it. I cant wait to test it on mosquito bites also, but this has been life changing for me…and it smells FABULOUS to boot!”

I cannot say for certain the Chamomile was the oil that produced these results, actually I think it  the combination of Essentials including Chamomile which makes the Not So Sweet Itch products so effective in relieving the inflammation, itchiness and pain associated with “sweet itch ” in horses.

Even though I make products for horses, every ingredient is of the highest quality and is “human grade” , food grade, and therapeutic grade.  I do recommend using any of these products on dogs as well, but never on Cats.  Cats cannot metabolize the compounds in the oils.

When questioned about the retail price of my products compared to Brand B.  I tell them, “Chamomile, one of my favorite Essential Oils…. “

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